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You have the community, 

we have the program

We created 2 online challenges to help your community feel and look their best

What we do

We have combined 7 years of nutrition research and hands on knowledge, with a 40 year old toxin and allergen free vegan brand, to create two 30 days programs to help people with their health and skin.

All you have to do is invite people to join, sit back, relax and let us do all the work. 

Both programs come with a 45 days money back guaranteed so you and your clients have nothing to worry about.

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Get that fresh glow

with our inside-out

outside-in approach

Skin Glow Challenge

Bad skin impacts personal feelings of self-esteem and attractiveness, and it can cause major mental health issues.

The Skin Glow Challenge is a 30-days holistic skincare and skin health program, designed to transform your skin.

Perfect for anybody suffering from bad skin, including pimples, acne, redness or dry skin, the Skin Glow Challenge is entirely built around the principle of feeding your skin the best nutrients out there with our inside-out / outside-in approach that includes pro-skin diet and skincare routine that has a lasting effect on your skin health.

Get Healthy Challenge

Our 30 days reset challenge focuses on resetting your gut health, which as a results will help you: 

  • Increase your energy

  • Get rid of excess weight

  • Get rid of bloating

  • Get rid of cravings and binging

  • Improve your mood 

  • Balance your hormones

  • Optimise nutrient absorption 


All of this, while teaching you how to build lasting healthy habits with daily classes on nutrition and personal development. 

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How does it work?

Our goal is to help as many people possible to change their life for better. 

You help us with our mission to sell our programs, and we pay you for it. 


You have 2 ways to get involved:

  1. Get paid per participant (promote)

  2. Get a piece of the pie (become an affiliate)




Get paid a one time fee for every customer that joins our programs*

(Lower fee compared to affiliate)

Initial training and support on how to promote the challenge

Unlimited email support / Whatsapp support

(*£35pp for our 30days reset - £20pp for our skin glow challenge)

  Affiliate Plan


Get paid a one time fee for every customer that joins our programs*

Initial training and support on how to promote the challenge

Unlimited email / WhatsApp support


Build a consistent revenue

Monthly strategy call support


Try the products for one challenge of choice

Have your staff take part to both challenges

(products excluded)

Earn lifetime commission on product sales

Cash Bonuses available for Sales Volume

Get 35-50% off on product purchase

Grow your team of affiliates and earn overrides

*£45pp for our 30Days reset - £27pp for our skin glow challenge

To get started book a call with us!