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Most people are now working at home for the first time.

As these newly-remote workers adjust their living spaces into makeshift home offices, many are noticing how much physical health can be impacted by a work environment. 

In general, employees have access to better equipment at work. This includes everything from better-performing computers, bigger desks (many of which are height-adjustable), plentiful office supplies, and more supportive chairs.

By sitting in an unusual position or on an unsupportive seat, home-bound workers are less likely to be able to practice good posture. Additionally, slower computers or awkward seating positions can also lead to eye strain, headaches, and frustration.

How can you support your staff

1) Offer webinars on ergonomics: Many may not realise what, exactly, will help ease their discomfort. Tips for better posture and movement, as well as design ideas to make a home office space more comfortable will help prevent and decrease pain.

2) Offer online fitness courses or videos, especially those that focus on stretching. Good flexibility and muscle strength can be an amazingly preventative for injury and pain.

3) Provide content that includes techniques and tips for relaxation. Stress and anxiety contribute to muscle tension, which can exacerbate physical health issues. Make sure your employees are prioritizing time to relax. Suggest that they try going for a walk, limit screen time outside of work, and make sure mental health support and mindfulness resources are available.

If you need help supporting your workforce during this time, please get in touch.

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